Thursday, November 8, 2007

Article Writing

As they say it, content is the King. So it is better to write an article daily for your site or for it to be submitted on article directories.

If you want to have a good article to promote your site, try

AOV Philippines Outsourcing Service

and hire a Writer to do Article Writing for you.


Fianancial Services said...
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Dondi Tiples said...

Hello. Would you have an idea how much business outsource writers make here in the Philippines? That is, assuming they hire themselves out to a business outsource company.

Junelle said...

In Iloilo City in where I live a decent salary for outsource writers would be Php 12,000, but in Manila, I guess it is about Php 15,000.
That is based on what I have heard from the people I know, but it is really depends on the client, if your client is a person who likes to give bonuses or rewards for a job well done, then you get a lot :)

Dondi Tiples said...

Junelle, thanks so much! I'm actually writing for a (very) small business outsource company, and I was thinking of quitting my regular job to do this full-time.

I'm not just certain sure yet, just asking around to see if I'll be able to make as much as I do with my regular job. Any information you can pass along will be very helpful.

Also, you have a wonderfully informative site here. I hope you do a post on industry rates and a comparison of the different bpo's.

Have a great week! God bless you...


Junelle said...

Thanks for the feedback :) I'll try to do that :) Thanks Dondi

Outsourcing services said...

You have provided us with a good knowledge about article writing...